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Unlike other technology assessment service providers we don’t rely on our personal value system to develop an assessment. We use the TechAdvance method developed at the Muenster University of Applied Science. This assessment tool is a scientific approach in providing a real view into the value of the technology. DTA has negotiated an exclusive software license for the Skane Region in Sweden. DTA also provides Technology Assessment Workshops.

Innovation Processes

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Every commercialization project is time and resource consuming. How to do better with what you have. Made to order market analysis, government non-diluting investment, strategic partners and alliances. We can help you and your organization to overcome challenges to the market. Our aim is to help clients gain a competitive advantage through innovative partnerships and strategic alliances. Solid market intelligence and science driven technology assessments.


Partners list of Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts


Arabella Carey Adolfsson — CEO of DTA

Arabella Carey Adolfsson — senior executive of DTA
As the Chief Executive Officer with DTA in charge of business development and contracts, Adolfsson has a global reach that she brings to her clients. DTA’s numerous clients include academia, R&D institutions and private companies. Adolfsson has a B.S. from the University of Redlands, a Global Bio-Executive Certificate from the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley. Adolfsson also holds a Technology Assessment Certificate from the National Technology Transfer Center at the Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia.

Kurt Manninen — VP of Product Development

Kurt Manninen - VP of Product Development
Kurt provides DTA full stack development and is responsible for creating applications that leverage machine learning technologies. He is the architect of the machine learning platform behind AstraLaunch that uses cognitive agents for finding concepts within unstructured text of any language. Kurt joined DTA after distinguished careers at ai-one, inc., IBM and Lockheed Martin. He graduated from Kalamazoo College with a BA Computer Science.

Joanne Aarstol — Communications Director

Joanne Aarstol — Communications Director
Joanne brings 20 years of marketing communications experience and long-term familiarity with San Diego's tech community. Her understanding of the unique communications needs and challenges of tech start ups at different stages in the commercialization process, from lab to market, is a great benefit to DTA and our technology assessment clients. Joanne holds an MBA from the University of San Diego and a BA in political science from the University of Maryland College Park.


A method for assessing the commercialisation potential of research and technology

Technology Assessment Tool. Increase your chances of commercialisation success!

AI for Market, Equity & Competitive Analysts, Media Relations and Product Managers

AI for Market, Equity & Competitive Analysts, Media Relations and Product Managers